No American Airports Made The Top Ten For Dining


In what is perhaps the least surprising travel news since we learned that the Trump presidency is seriously hurting tourism in the United States, a report from RewardExpert found that not a single American airport made its list of the top 15 airports for dining around the world. 

Shocked, SHOCKED! you say, that your LAX, or JFK, or DCA, or ORD didn't even make the list?

No, you didn't say that. Because you aren't surprised. No one is. Americans are terrible at eating, and having nice things, and if you are American or have been to America or, let's be frank, have ever met an American this wasn't even news to you. Come to think of it, why the hell am I writing this?

Anyway, there are a few unexpected items from the list, the most unexpected being that Singapore's Changi Airport didn't win hands down.  With its gobsmacking amenities Changi is a destination unto itself and set to become only more so, but it only came in number 4, perhaps because of its relative lack of dining diversity (surprising, considering Singapore's fiercely and intentionally diverse cultural and ethnic composition), and relatively high price point compared to the rest of Southeast Asia. The top spot was claimed by Tokyo's Narita owing to the airports high quality and low cost selection of Japanese cuisine. Asia faired well in general, with Taipei's Taoyuan coming in at number 2, and Hong Kong taking the 4 spot. 

Amsterdam's Schipol airport claimed the highest ranking for any European airpot at number 5, thanks to its fabulously diverse selection and presumably not because the people conducting the study simply had the munchies while they were passing through town. 

To the great shame of every American, Toronto's Pierson airport claimed the number 12 spot, the only North American airport to make the top 15. 

(Toronto is in Canada, just FYI for my fellow Americans who are so famously geographically challenged. Be ashamed.)

Denver Nicks