I'm Loving Jura 10


I was introduced to Jura scotch whisky years ago by a very dear friend. We’ve lost touch these days, but I always think of her when a bottle of Jura comes out; it’s easily her favorite scotch, and probably her favorite spirit. Though I never thought much about it at the time, over the course of our friendship just by having it around a lot Jura became one of my favorites too. When I got my hands on a bottle of Jura 10 the transformation was complete—at least right now, this is hands down my favorite scotch whisky.

Hailing from an island George Orwell once described as the “most un-get-at-able” place (he wrote his seminal 1984 on the far-flung Scottish island), Jura 10 immediately struck me for its balance. Heavily peaty scotch needs an ice cube or four to be enjoyed honestly, without a garnish of affected machismo, but Jura 10 does one better by blending peated with unpeated malt for a full-flavored, bold but still smooth and super drinkable 10-year-old single malt.

I asked my brother, who is a far better chef and mixologist than I, to whip together a cocktail the distillery recommends for their new product. He described it as “an elegant whiskey sour”—basically starting with the traditional notes of a whiskey sour, but with more depth, more gravitas (he kept trying to get me to use the metaphor of a “high-backed leather chair,” so, there you go Travis, I just did) imparted by the use of the island scotch blend of peated and unpeated malt aged 10 years and finished in sherry casks.

It’s good. But I prefer the Jura 10 chilled and straight up.


Laura Beth Lott