Stark And Beautiful Photos Of Resilience From The Storm-Battered U.S. Virgin Islands


When two category 5 hurricanes slammed the U.S. Virgin Islands just two weeks apart this September, the storms devastated vital infrastructure in the territory home to more than 100,000 Americans. But the 200-mph winds also decimated foliage with the efficiency of a plague of locusts. The island paradise to which, for decades, millions have flocked to say wedding vows or simply vacation under the bright Caribbean sun amid dazzling blue water and lush greenery dotted with colorful flowers was left temporarily stripped of vegetation, the water clouded by runoff.

“The most heartbreaking thing for me,” said Savanna Goodman, a photographer and longtime resident of St. Thomas, “was that the colors were gone from the flowers, the trees, the water, along with my job, my apartment, and my entire routine.”

Goodman responded with “Our Colors Will Not Fade,” a photo series that showcases the bright colors of Carnival costumes against the stark backdrop of the wreckage. The photos highlight the vibrancy ingrained in the culture of the USVI, and the islanders’ indelible resilience. “The people of the Virgin Islands are what makes this place so special. The water is already clearing, and the trees will be green again,” she said. “We’re still here, glowing like always. I hope that I was able to capture that, and that’s what we really need the world to see.”

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